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Agent Sapphire & The Thief


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Run time: 14:45

Summary & Outfit

The Thief (Ava in jeans, thigh high boots, jacket and handcuffs) has escaped from Agent Sapphire (Ava in boots, skirt, blouse, and aleather jacket) just as she was being arrested. The Thief breaks into a nearby house and creates a slippery oil slick and TWO glue traps for Agent Sapphire, then heads upstairs to hide. Ava storms in, furious, and walks straight into the oil slick, slipping about and falling to her knees. Oil gets all over her thigh high boots.

Annoyed, Ava phones for backup, and while she’s doing so walks straight into he glue traps left by The Thief. With Ava’s boots stuck in glue, the Thief comes out, teases Ava, and leaves. This makes Ava so angry she struggles with all her might, and eventually manages a clumsy stomping sticky escape, her stiletto boots glued to the floor with each step!


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The Plot

In this custom video, Ava Sapphire returns as AGENT SAPPHIRE!

In this video Ava wears size 37 thigh high boots with two different outfits;

1) Jeans (tight, ass-hugging jeans) and a studded leather jacket with handcuffs

2) Wolford luxury tights, a form-fitting short black pencil skirt, white blouse, and another badass black leather jacket


Having been rescued from her last mission by another agent, and wearing a pair of her own boots, after her standard issue stiletto PVC boots were almost destroyed, AGENT SAPPHIRE is on the hunt.

It’s her second mission. AGENT SAPPHIRE has successfully detained a thief in the employ of the DREADED GLUE MAFIA.

However, the novice agent makes a fatal mistake, and the slippery thief escapes from Ava!

Taking refuge in a nearby GLUE MAFIA SAFEHOUSE, the determined doll in denim expertly escapes her handcuffs, and devises a plan to trap Agent Sapphire.

Knowing she doesn’t have long, the thief spreads an oil slick in front of an obvious hiding spot, and two neat, DEEP DOLLOPS of the Glue Mafia’s signature sticky pink goo, right in the middle of the floor.

A bold move… But if it works, Agent Sapphire will be FURIOUS and HUMILIATED, to call for help again…

Could this be the end of Agent Sapphire’s career?


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