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The Barefoot Bandit Bundle


The Sticky Thief 2 – Behind the Scenes

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The Sticky Thief 2 Bundle


File Specs

Main video run time: 25:35

BTS Run time: 13:19

Total Run Time: 38:54!

Summary & Outfit

In this bundle you will get The Sticky Thief 2 full video from start to finish, containing the Boot Only and Feet Only parts in one film. You will also receive the behind the scenes video for the shoot! Almost 40 minutes of Ava footage <3 Ava Sapphire reprises her role as The Sticky Thief, but this time the tables are turned as Agent Sapphire sets a trap for The Thief. Not expecting it, she steps straight into deep, thick piles of glue in her suede stiletto platform boots. Giving up after ten minutes, the thief takes her suede boots off, only to step straight into ANOTHER trap, this time in her tiny bare pedicured feet. She wears EU size 38 (US 8) thigh high suede boots with six inch stiletto heels, some tight pale denim jeans, and a black leather jacket. Ava appears at the end of the video as a salaciously sexy Agent Sapphire, wearing Louboutins, stockings, a PVC skirt, and an expensive leather jacket.

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The Plot

Agent Sapphire has stolen the Super Secret Super Sticky Glue plans from The Glue Mafia.

The Thief, guided by the Evil Doktor Spänkendör, has been sent to get them back. Little did The Thief expect that Agent Sapphire would boobytrap her own apartment, and quickly finds herself stuck in The Glue Mafia’s own glue ????

The Thief eventually takes off her gluey boots, unable to free them, only to feel her pedicured toes sink straight into another glue trap, and this time there are no boots to take off!

Will she escape? Either way, Ava’s revenge is sticky, and sweet 🙂


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