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The Sticky Thief 2 – Feet Only


The Sticky Experiment Bundle

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The Sticky Experiment


File Specs

Run time: 18:02

Summary & Outfit

Ava Sapphire stars as John’s sexy and reluctant room mate, clad in oily black stiletto boots, a tight vinyl pencil skirt, and a lace leotard. Walking over to read a note John has left her, she steps into the titular sticky experiment, and instantly becomes stuck. One of the messiest, stickiest glue videos we’ve recorded to date, as the pictures will show!

She wears EU size 37 (US 6.5) Essex Glam thigh high boots with five inch stiletto heels.

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The Plot

This custom video was a blast to film 🙂 from oiling Ava’s boots to spanking her in that skirt, it was hours of fun!

Ava’s room mate John is conducting an experiment. As Ava’s getting ready to head out to a party, she comes across a note John left for her. He’s gone out to get supplies for an experiment, and needs Ava’s help! Alas, he should have booked her in advance – Ava’s got places to be! Ignoring the note, she walks over to get her phone – not noticing a part of John’s experiment all over the floor. Ava’s oiled thigh high boots sink into the unctuous goo – she clocks on, but not fast enough! Ava’s boots are stuck in the gooiest trap we’ve ever made. By the end her boots are so heavily caked that she can’t even take them off any more – the zips are gummed up!

Better yet, when we were cleaning up afterwards, we realised her boots were so stuck it was pulling up the floorboards! A moment in the BTS you really don’t want to miss! 😀


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