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The Sticky Thief 2


The Barefoot Bandit Bundle

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The Barefoot Bandit


File Specs

Run time: 21 Minutes

Struggle time: 18 Minutes

Summary & Outfit

Ava Sapphire stars as our elusive Barefoot Bandit, a thief whose signature is infiltrating locations with bare feet to aid her stealth. Her signature style quickly backfires as her little feet (UK 4/EU37/US 7) squish into a glue trap. Ava breaks free and explores the apartment, only to step into a deeper, stickier trap and becomes completely stuck in very gooey glue.

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The Plot

Our gooiest video yet!

In this custom video, Ava stars as The Barefoot Bandit, a notorious thief who does all her work barefoot for stealth and pleasure. Her signature methods soon backfire. Breaking into a penthouse apartment to check for goods, Ava walks into not one, but two anti-burglar glue traps. With no shoes to take off, Ava has to battle the goo to get free before the police find her, US size 7 feet glued to the floor, pedicure and all!

Ava breaks into the apartment, immediately falling for a gooey anti burglar trap. She struggles for a few minuites, eventually breaking free. Ava plods around the apartment, glue still sticking her feet to the floor with each step, until she finally spots what she’s after.

Ava doesn’t notice the second, bigger trap, and her little pedicured feet sink deep into the ooze. She spends the rest of the video stuck in this deep, gooey glue, in our MESSIEST glue trap ever, her soft feet get PLASTERED! You definitely want to see this!


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