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File Specs

Run time: 22 Minutes

Struggle time: 18 Minutes

Summary & Outfit

Ava Sapphire stars as our gorgeous school teacher whose indulgence of a student gets her in trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

She wears EU size 37 (US 6.5) Essex Glam thigh high boots with five inch stiletto heels – the glue in this video is so sticky we discovered some of the leather had been ripped from her boots when we were cleaning up!

She’s also wearing Wolford luxury tights, a deliciously tight pencil skirt and white blouse.

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The Plot

For some time now, Ava has known one of her students has a massive crush on her. He usually stares, but Ava noticed that whenever she wears her boots the boy is transfixed. He even reached out and touched her foot once, fingers sliding across her boot as he pretended to pick up a pencil he “dropped”

Not knowing quite why, Ava, in an unusually indulgent mood, decides to put on her longest, sexiest boots this morning, knowing it’ll make his day.

Little does Ava know, late last night the boy sneaked into her house and left a massive glue trap in the middle of her conservatory, knowing she gets ready for class there.

He waits at the window to watch the lithe beauty in boots, hoping she’ll get stuck, and he can enjoy the view for as long as he wants… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ava gets ready for school this morning, and almost makes it out of the house without stepping into her student’s trap. Alas, she forgets one small thing, and has to head back… drawing her straight into the THREE INCH DEEP pile of glue in the middle of her conservatory!

Ava struggles forย eighteen minutesย in this video. It’s definitely not one to miss!

The video ends with an exhausted, exasperated Ava taking her boots off and tugging desperately at them, trying so hard to free her favourite boots. In the end they’re so stuck she angrily throws them down and struts away, cute feet in black tights padding across the stone floor.


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