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Stockings Stuck in Glue | Ava Sapphire in Sticky Stockings


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Ava Sapphire stars in Sticky Stockings! We used real nylon stockings for this custom video and it turned out so much better than we could have hoped for! Not only did her nylons not rip, but the suspenders did not let go as the glue sucked more and more of them down her legs and off her feet! By the end Ava’s stockings are hanging well beneath her knees!

In the bundle you’ll receive the main Sticky Stockings video, as well as the Behind the Scenes video, for a huge discount! Be sure to check the free preview videos – if you love hosiery and stuck feet adventures you’ll adore this bundle! 😀

Don’t want the bundle? All good! You can get just the main video for a lower price! 😁 Check below and grab a copy! ⬇

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Ava Sapphire hosted an EPIC party last night. Partying until the small hours, a slightly-tipsy Ava awakes to an empty room – all her guests have gone home! After some closeups of her little nylon-sheathed feet and legs, Ava awakes and stretches. She looks for her phone, hoping to find out what people are saying about her party. Finding it on the other side of the room, sleepy Ava gets up and crosses the room to her phone – she doesn’t even realise she’s got her stockings stuck in glue until it’s too late! A very rude guest left a trap last night as they were leaving. Ava has no idea her feet are stuck in glue even as she checks her texts!

Soon, however, Ava does notice. She begins to struggle, trying to wiggle her little size 37 (UK 4, US 6.5) feet free, but the glue is too strong. Worse still, as Ava struggles, she realises the glue is slowly starting to pull her gorgeous stockings off her feet! As the struggle continues, Ava’s stockings are pulled lower and lower, her stocking clasps are barely holding on!


As with most of Ava’s shoots, this was incredibly fun. We got to drink a lot the night before to get enough props ready. Purely work related, you must understand. Ava put on lingerie (real nylon stockings! We didn’t go cheap on this one!), and I even managed to step in it myself (by accident! I was not looking where I was going…)

This video is a must-have for people who love lingerie in glue. It includes plenty of closeups of Ava’s stocking-sheathed feet and legs as she sleeps on the sofa, and dual-angle footage of her while she’s stuck in glue!

1 review for Stockings Stuck in Glue | Ava Sapphire in Sticky Stockings

  1. jmiehe (verified owner)

    Hello, I want to use this chance to leave a feedback here. We had contact yet at YouTube, where I found your kind of clips first. Now I have bought this one, though it is not the real festish I am searching for. But as you have been so kind there, helping me with my search for special stuck/nylon content, I want to give something back for support of your work. I also gave the best rating, though normally this is not what I would buy. Your model did it very well though, and as you show no faces, the advantage is the camera can concentrate on the legs instead. And to watch the Nylon struggle so close and in high quality was really exciting. At least until ths stockiungs were simply pulled down. As I said on YouTube, I would prefer other endings…
    Well, fetishes are very different. Your shop has no further nylon content, as you concentrate on different things like boots, what is not my world. Therefore we probably will not meet again in the shop, as I must search on other sites. On sites with stockings and pantyhose as a main factor…
    But once more, thanks for yur kind help at you tube. And at least this clip here made my way into other communitíes I was looking for…


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