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Harley’s Hazing 2


Hunter Ostens in Quicksand

girl putting on Hunter Osten waders

Santa’s Sticky Helper


File Specs

Run time: 18 minutes

Struggle/stuck time: 16 minutes

Summary & Outfit

Contains hand stuck, butt (dress) stuck, ankle boot stuck, upskirts of Ava’s ass and panties and amazing stockings

Boots: Size 37 (UK 4) Truffle black leather ankle boots. Were destroyed filming this 🙁

Stockings: sofsy Italian 15 Denier ass-high stockings

Generic Christmas dress, size small


The Plot

As a punishment for messing up her Elf assignment and getting stuck in a tub of clear Mafia Glue, Ava’s been put on repair duty.

Things very quickly go wrong for our velvet-wrapped Elf; she doesn’t pay attention to how she’s holding her glue can and spills it while repairing a cabinet. Distracted by the spill, she picks up her paintbrush from the wrong end! Ava’s hands get covered in glue and she drops the can, which then leaks all over the floor at the base of the ladder…

Disgusted by the sticky gunk all over her fingers, Ava tries to rub it off on her dress but instead of coming off, her hands get stuck to her dress!

Confused and flustered, Ava descends the ladder… Disaster strikes again! She hasn’t seen the glue beneath her boots and forgot about the glue all over the table! As as she climbs down her dress gets stuck in the glue she spilled. While this is happening, Ava’s cute leather ankle boots have squelched into the puddle of glue beneath her. Now she’s got her boots stuck in glue too!

Within seconds, Ava’s hands are stuck to her chest. Her butt is stuck to the counter, and her boots are stuck to the floor!

How will Ava escape this time?!


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