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Glue Only Preview

After-Glue Scenes Preview

*Glue Only Duration: 15:53*
**Full Video Duration: 32:43**

In the Full Video there is over 9 minutes of Ava’s feet getting oiled to remove the glue, followed by 2-3 minutes of Ava washing the oil from her feet in the bath. Between the glue, the oil, and the bath scenes, you get plenty of behind-the-scenes and additional footage! 😀

Ava stars in her RAT GLUE DEBUT trying out Catchmaster rat glue for the very first time!

This is a fun unscripted video where Ava’s simply playing and trying out this iconic glue for the first time, giving her first-impressions in real time!


Ava tries stepping her bare feet in Catchmaster rat trap glue for the first time. I’ve wanted to try out this glue for the better part of a decade now, and I filmed Ava’s first impression of the event! I prepared the traps and didn’t allow her to play with it before the cameras were turned on. So you get to see her first reactions!

From Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Mythbusters to YouTube to esoteric corners of the internet, feet stuck in glue has been iconic, in one way or another. Many have trod where we now (struggle) to tread, but please enjoy our humble addition to the genre 🙂

This video comes in two versions: 1) the full version, showing Ava getting stuck, cleaning the glue from her feet with vegetable oil, and then washing them in the bath with soap (to get the oil off!) and 2) Glue Only, where you get to enjoy Ava’s feet stuck in glue without the cleaning and extra footage. Choose wisely, traveler! 🙂

1 review for Rat Glue Debut

  1. stainsofwar (verified owner)

    Amazing work here, would love to see boots trapped in this stuff.

    • spannerwilkins

      Thanks! 😀 Boots are definitely coming when we can arrange another shoot! 🙂

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