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The bundle contains both the full video for Pink Hunters in Quicksand, and the Behind the Scenes video! Don’t want the bundle? Got you covered! You can pick individual videos for a lower price below! 😁 ⬇


Pink Hunters in Quicksand: Main video description:

Trying to find her way home, Ava Sapphire comes across the quicksand pit from Ava in Quicksand. Thinking this time will be different, Ava steps her pink Hunters in the quicksand. Ava got stuck immediately, and her boots sank deeper every time she struggled! Ava soon finds herself waist-deep in quicksand. Oh no, it’s even worse than last time! Ava’s helpless and unable to do anything but watch her pink Hunter wellies sinking in quicksand!

As always with Ava, the Pink Hunters in Quicksand adventure was so much fun to film. I expected Ava to sink up to her thighs, not to end up as deep as she did! We filmed this a few weeks before Hunter Ostens in Quicksand, so I didn’t yet know how deep this mud was. The mud here was actually easier to dig her out of than it was in the Ostens vid, though that didn’t stop her from being totally stuck! Her pink Hunter boots were stuck firm in that deep mud. I adore this style of sink; a slow, stuck descent into deep mud without any fuss, without any self-slathering or over-acting. Just a cute girl who really doesn’t want to get muddy sinking deeper no matter what she does 🙂 You don’t want to miss this one!

BTS video description:

This was the very next quicksand video we filmed after Ava in Quicksand! Better lighting, thicker mud, a deeper sink, and no cold-weather coat! I love this video, the sight of Ava’s baby pink Hunter wellies sinking in quicksand is such a delight. We filmed this video a month or two before the Ostens video, so the mud was still thick and chunky. This video shows extra footage, scene setups, some joking around between the scenes, and just generally nearly 20 minutes of extra muddy Ava goodness! You even get to see Ava’s EU size 37 feet inside my EU 45 wellies! Quite a few people seem to like that sort of thing, and she needed some temporary shoes! 🤣

All in all this video has been one of our most popular so far. We had hoped to go back here to be able to film again but it seems the location is gone. I am actively searching for new locations, as always, so watch this space! Especially now that have Hunter Lapins and Hunter Fullbrookes to get stuck in a new adventure!



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