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Pink Hunters in Quicksand

pink hunter wellies in quicksand

Hunter Ostens in Quicksand


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Ava Sapphire’s (!!BRAND NEW!!) HUNTER OSTENS sink over the tops in quicksand as she struggles to retrieve the pink Hunter boots she lost in Pink Hunters in Quicksand! Hands down the most popular video we’ve ever made, and some of the best Hunter Ostens footage ever filmed – if you’re a fan or a collector you do not want to miss this one! 😁 OWN IT! ⬇


Main Video Teaser:

Ostens in Quicksand synopsis:

Ava Sapphire has been sent to retrieve her lost shiny pink Hunter boots from the bog. Well, they used to be shiny. She got stuck the day before, while out trying to catch that damned Eevee, and lost her boots in the deep, thick mud (that video exists and is teased Ostens in Quicksand 😉).

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good pair of boots, her team leader was furious and now she’s been sent to get her boots back. Wearing brand new, virginal Hunter Ostens, tight jeans and a leather jacket, she puts on her Marigold Emperor gloves, walks into the mud. Ava walks around the edge, trying to find a good spot, but eventually settles in a soft spot, calf deep in her nice red boots. Ava plunges her rubber gloves into the bubbling sludge and starts searching the mud.

After a minute or so, feeling nothing, Ava gets frustrated and the mud sucks her gloves off her hands. Deciding she’s had enough, and throwing a mini tantrum, Ava decides to leave. But she quickly realises her Hunter Ostens are stuck in the mud, and after only a few attempts to get her long rubber boots free, Ava discovers she’s sinking too!

She struggles and struggles, pulling hard, but her Hunter Osten boots keep sinking in the quicksand beneath her. Ava’s stuck in quicksand and sinking…


Ostens in Quicksand Behind the Scenes synopsis:

Where do I even begin? Perhaps I can start with what went wrong: Ava was not supposed to sink this deep. The result was that this video ended up being incredibly dangerous to shoot. Ava became genuinely very stuck, and the effort required to dig her out was nearly too much for me. I do not recommend doing this yourself at home, it was not a joke; but anyone who sees this video will understand that for themselves.

A little known fact about this video is that, once Ava sank over her knees, getting towards the tops of her boots in quicksand, I was waving frantically at her from off-camera, trying to get her to stop struggling. I knew she was getting dangerously deep, but she was so into the scene that she didn’t see me waving at her for over five minutes straight. I eventually had to interrupt her, or we would have been in real trouble.

Normally when we film, I hold up my hand, off-camera, Ava spots this, and the scene comes to a natural halt. As a result of this method I neglected to tell Ava how deep she was supposed to sink before we started filming. I also didn’t tell her how to move her feet so (or how not to move them) that she wouldn’t get quite as stuck as she did. The problem with this was that it relied on Ava noticing that I would like her to stop burying her little feet in mud so deep and sticky it hasn’t seen the light of day for ten thousand years.

I’m often asked “was she really stuck?” or “how stuck was she?” I can safely say I’ve never seen a girl so stuck in all my life. It took over thirty minutes to DIG her free with my bare hands, and the exertion required to get her out was so much that I almost fainted afterwards off-camera. Any footage that didn’t make the final cut was solely for the purpose of saving my dignity 😜

Suffice it to say, I am nackered by the end of it. I can barely speak I’m so out of breath. Normally I prefer the video and audio to be as if I’m not there, since we’re all here for Ava and not my ugly mug, but needs must. As much as I’d have loved for a clean “stand back and watch Ava get out” video, it was just not happening on her own. Even with two of us it was hard.

This shoot ended up being incredibly dangerous. Ava was really, really stuck, and I nearly couldn’t get her out. If you want to see a girl really, genuinely stuck in quicksand wearing rare Hunter Ostens, and how long it took to dig her out, you’ve come to the right place. But please don’t try this at home (I have several questions if you have a mud pit like this in your home)

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  1. Stephen Burnett (verified owner)

    If you are looking for the best waders in mud stuck video, this is it. No ifs and or buts. This. Is. The one. Buy it. Buy it now. Deserves 10 stars but can only give 5

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