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Louis Vuitton Boots Stuck in Mud


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This is a scripted adventure wherein Agent Sapphire is sent to the wrong location by her idiot fellow Agent! Ava sinks in quicksand and gets her Louis Vuitton boots stuck in mud!

  • The Behind the Scenes includes everything in the main plus almost 50% extra footage! This footage is mixed in between the scripted scenes, giving you a view into the shooting process (and more Louis Vuitton high heeled wellies in mud!)
  • The bundle contains both videos and a huge discount! 😁




Boots are UK Size 5. EU 38. US 8.

In addition to everything below, the Behind the Scenes video shows Ava putting her boots on, extra between-scenes moments, an additional long-camera view for some scenes, the part where I have to help Ava get out because she’s so damn stuck she can’t get herself out, and we have to stop filming! It also shows some further scenes after leaving the mud pit, including Ava playing around in her heavily mud-caked boots, and wiping some of the super thick clay from her rubber boots with my finger! 🙂

Agent Sapphire is dropping off some secret Glue Mafia intel for her handler, Agent Jeffrey. He’s texted her the dropoff location, and, ever-prepared, Ava has brought her brand new Louis Vuitton high heeled rubber boots for the adventure. She struggles out towards the drop-off point, boots sinking into the ever-softening, ever-deepening claggy clay. By the time Ava reaches the drop off point she’s almost up to her boot clasps – calf deep! Suddenly, Agent Jeffrey is phoning to confirm the drop-off is complete, and.. “… What do you mean you meant to say CAR PARK?! Your text clearly said QUARRY!”


It appears Agent Jeffrey “accidentally” gave Agent Sapphire the wrong coordinates. She wore her boots into the mud for nothing. Angrily, Ava begins to trudge out of the quarry. She makes it a few metres before her clay-caked boots start to get so bogged down she can’t pull them free! Ava spends SEVEN MINUTES stuck in place as she tries to get free from the sticky sinking clay, her beautiful boots getting more and more covered as she struggles to free herself from the sucking, heavy sand. She actually gets so stuck that we have to stop filming and I help pull her out (which you can watch in the Behind the Scenes video!). So there is a little jump cut after the final struggle, where one of her boots becomes free.

Ava eventually gets free from the mud, splodging out of the quarry with very heavy clay-caked boots. Her green Louis Vuitton boots are so muddy you can’t see them beneath an inch of clay!

This has to be my all-time favourite Red Rebel clip. I’ve adored these boots for a long time. They’re so rare, and bridge the gap between high fashion and wellington boots perfectly. In my opinion, the ultimate wellington boot. For people who like to see boots stuck in mud, this will be a memorable one. Not only does Ava wear such rare and expensive boots, in a world-first, but she genuinely gets stuck in them. I mean properly stuck. Not only that, but she manages to get stuck while only calf deep. For those that love boots, seeing Ava’s boots getting stuck and having them remain in-frame the entire time is a rare treat indeed. The clay was like cement once her feet got stuck. We actually had to stop filming to pull her boot out -there will be a minor jump-cut in this version of the video – to se how she gets out, consider buying the video Bundle, which has 50% more footage!

It was a very windy day; the wind muffler caught most of it, but there are some moments where it gets through. The audio has been balanced so this shouldn’t be intrusive, and if you prefer to mute any windy sections, I’ve added discrete on-screen markers with a timer, so you know how long it lasts! 🙂

Happy viewing!

2 reviews for Louis Vuitton Boots Stuck in Mud

  1. Stephen Burnett (verified owner)

    Greatest. Video. Ever. Enough said

  2. simone sapienza (verified owner)

    Great video. I would suggest making a similar video using the New Rock boots. Walking through the mud is going to be really hard

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