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Santa’s Sticky Helper

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File Specs

Run time: 16 minutes

Struggle/stuck time: 13 minutes

Summary & Outfit

While trying to extract her gorgeous, soft pink Hunter boots from Episode 1, Ava sneaks into the room (wearing baby pink Hunter wellies) behind Harley and pours more glue on the floor. Distracted, struggling to pull her boots free, Harley doesn’t notice, and steps in the glue.

Harley is wearing her badass size EU 39 New Rock boots, and gets stuck in them after Ava sneaks in and leaves a second trap, wearing her size 36 baby pink Hunter boots.

Harley angrily unzips her boots at the end, leaving both pairs of her boots glued to the kitchen floor, unable to get them free.


The Plot

Revenge is a dish best served… Twice.

Not content that Harley has already been stuck in the kitchen half the night, Ava decides to really make her message stick…

Too busy trying to rescue her gorgeous, butter-soft size 39 Hunter boots from the last thick glue trap, Harley doesn’t notice Ava sneak into the room while she’s working.

Silently, Ava spoons another thick, gooey trap onto the floor behind Harley, and in her thick, polished black leather New Rock boots, she has no idea what she’s in for…

That much glue, that deep, in that many grooves, in heavy platform boot soles? Oh dear… Harley’s boots very quickly get stuck in glue too and now both pairs of boots are stuck!


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