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File Specs

Run time: 17:29

Summary & Outfit

Jealous Ava leaves a note for Harley, and a puddle on the floor, telling Harley to step in the puddle and it’ll polish her boots! Harley, trusting Ava, steps her boots into the puddle, not realising she’s stepped her boots into glue. After a moment, Harley realises her she’s been tricked, and she realises she’s got her boots stuck in glue. Harley struggles for 16+ minutes, eventually managing to pull one of her boots free, but has to leave the other one stuck in the puddle, storming clumsily off with one gluey boot on. The other stays stuck in the puddle.

Harley’s rubber boots are so soft you can see the bumps of her toes pressing into her boots throughout.


The Plot

Ava has a new room mate…

Now, Ava’s not the only one with a fine collection of boots.

Harley’s lovely line of size EU 39/US 8.5 boots proudly assembled at the front door seemed a little too close to Ava’s turf for her liking.

Still, Harley has no stiletto boots just yet. Time to show the new girl just how sticky traps become in flat boots…

Ava leaves a cunning trap in the kitchen, and the lovely Harley takes the bait boot, buckle, and sinker…

This video has some of the best squelching audio I’ve ever heard, and it goes on for nearly 18 minutes! For anyone who likes rubber, tall boots, shiny boots in general, and being able to see a girl’s feet struggling through her shoes 😉

1 review for Harley’s Hazing 1

  1. muddyludo (verified owner)

    Superb very original video, the quality of the image of the sound and the editing and magnificent. The girl is superb.

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