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The Sticky Bunny


Stockings Stuck in Glue | Ava Sapphire in Sticky Stockings

a girl wearing stockings stuck in glue

Explorer Sapphire in Quicksand


Total Duration: 13:54
Waders in mud duration: 10:30
Wellies in mud duration: 1:54
Setup duration: 1:34

Filmed with dual cameras, showing a single view at a time. See preview vid above.

Explorer Sapphire stars (with her idiot cameraman, Jeffrey) in a wildlife documentary, searching for the rare Lesser Spotted Bollock in its natural environment! 😁 More below:


Explorer Sapphire and her cameraman Jeffrey are filming a wildlife documentary, on the hunt for the Lesser Spotted Bollock. A rare bird indeed. Some would go so far as to say it was fictional. Clad in wellington boots, Ava and her 1-man crew splodge into the marsh, searching for the rare marsh bird!
They quickly find it in its natural habitat – the reeds between bogs! Ava boldly plunges into the mud and immediately gets stuck. Luckily, her idiot cameraman, Jeffrey, is on-hand with her super-tall Aigle waders. She switches boots mid-sink, pulls her drowned wellies free with rubber gloves, and plows on!
Ava’s long boots see her safely to the other side, and she’s able to get the picture they came for. Victorious, Ava returns to Jeffrey, who is safe on the other bank. But, as Explorer Sapphire wades across the marsh, her long rubber boots get stuck in the marsh mud, and she starts to sink into the quicksand. She makes it right up to he edge of the mud when her boots finally get stuck, and Ava slowly sinks to her thighs. Her brand new boots get plastered!
The video ends with Ava stuck, her new boots caked in mud. Her efforts to persuade Jeffrey to help her, her bratty pleading (while trying to remain calm and charming) having failed her… Will he help the helpless presenter?


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