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Ava in Quicksand Bundle

a girl in wellies stuck in quicksand

Ava in Quicksand


File Specs

Run time: 7 minutes exactly

Summary & Outfit

Ava Sapphire unwittingly walks into quicksand wearing Hunter Norris Field wellington boots in size EU 36, white knee high socks, black wetlook legging, and a coat to protect her from the freezing weather. She quickly gets stuck and her cute Hunter boots sink slowly into the mud. She sinks over the tops, ruining her white cotton socks, and gets stuck thigh deep in cold quicksand.


The Plot

This is worth mentioning at the start – Ava is NOT pretending to be stuck. I had to spend several minutes DIGGING her out once we were done. This shoot was absolutely fantastic 🙂 The way Ava slowly sinks in over the tops of her boots, her cute white socks also gradually disappearing beneath the surface, is exhilarating. This video began life as a private clip, but once I’d seen it, I felt it was too good not to share it 🙂

We filmed this in December 2020, it was almost 0 celsius, (32F) and Ava sank almost up to her ass wearing wetlook leggings – A feat I believe deserves a round of applause.

I forgot to give Ava advice on how best to struggle without actually getting dangerously stuck (in freezing temps) before we started filming, so… Ava got almost dangerously stuck. If I had not been there, she would have had to phone for help (although if I had not been there, she probably wouldn’t have been there either????).

I had to spend several minutes digging her free with my bare hands afterwards, which will also be available in the BTS – which picks up immediately after the main video, wherein I hurriedly try to extract Ava and her little boots before she experiences too much cold.


Ava is a keen Pokemon Go player, and while she’s trying to get a little bit closer to an Eevee it’s juuuuuustout of range. She finds herself unable to go any further, her cute little booted feet at the edge of a muddy bog. Determined and stubborn, Ava steps into the bog, knowing she’s so close to getting that Eevee that she won’t have to go far. But the sticky, deep mud swallows her feet and starts to work its way up her boots as she tries a to get closer. Soon Ava’s stuck, and as if that weren’t bad enough, she’s still sinking!






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