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Stockings Stuck in Glue | Ava Sapphire in Sticky Stockings


Louis Vuitton Boots Stuck in Mud

Louis Vuitton high heeled rubber boots walking into quarry clay

Agent Sapphire in Quicksand


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Main Video Preview

Behind the Scenes Preview

Ava sinks up to the tops of her boots in quicksand.
Ava wears UK size 4 stiletto boots. EU 37. US 6.5.
In the video bundle you will get the main Agent Sapphire in Quicksand video as well as the Behind the Scenes video for a nice discount!😁 More below:


Main video description:

This shoot was amazing, and terrifying! Agent Sapphire has been tasked with collecting an intel drop-off from a secret informant. He kept the location to himself until Ava was in the area, so she didn’t have time to change from her sexy stiletto boots into something more practical for the terrain he chose… an abandoned quarry! Reluctant, but determined, Ava sacrifices her boots to search for the USB stick at the water’s edge. Her sleek black boots immediately sink into the thick, sandy quarry clay, and within moments she begins to get stuck. Ava takes slow, sucking, squelching steps through the deep quarry, ruining her gorgeous boots as she goes.
After a few perilous moments, including getting so stuck she has to pull on her leg with her hands, and her boot plunging into water, she finds her target! Up to her boot-tops in clay, the victorious Ava trudges from the sticky quarry, the all-important intel safely in her leather jacket pocket.

BTS video description:

This shoot was an absolute blast. And a little terrifying towards the end. We kinda sorta probably weren’t suppose to be there (will explain below). So we had to get in and out as quickly as possible, which really added to the secret-agent-on-a-mission theme of the video.
This video includes shots of the set-up, plenty of scenes where we get to simply admire Ava’s amazing adventure outfit, and bonus angles of her boots and body while we’re filming the main event. This includes extra footage of the struggle/sink/walk section of the video, that has been matched up with the originals from the main video, so you get all the benefits of close-up squishy audio, and the long view of Ava’s incredible black leather stiletto boots, white knee-high socks, tan pantyhose, little red tartan skirt, and her tailored black leather biker jacket.

There is a little audio distortion at points of the video, where the far-back (long) camera’s mic is overpowered by the wind. The moments where the wind causes problems have had the audio levels adjusted, which are marked on-screen, as well as the duration they continue for. This isn’t an issue for the majority of the scenes, including and especially the close-ups included in the main video.

As for why the shoot was terrifying As we were finishing up, and Ava and I were getting ready to leave… I saw someone walking towards us! Terrified, I grabbed the nearest tripod and my water bottle and try to make it not look like we were filming a video. I hurriedly explain to Ava that we’ve been rumbled, and then realise.. We can’t get her boots off! She’s stuck in her boots! The clay was so thick and claggy that it had completely clogged her boot zips, I couldn’t get her out of her boots, and there was no way she was going to escape a quarry in 5″ stiletto boots! She’s good but that’s a recipe for a broken ankle! So we’re frantically pouring our drinking water all over her boots, rubbing her boot zips with a fingertip, trying to dislodge as much of the muck as possible from her boots so we can get her out of them. Several minutes pass, the guy hasn’t found us yet.. and Success! We got her boots unzipped!
But Ava’s wellington boots are on the other side of the quarry, where she started… So I crouch-run back to where we left our bags, grab her boots and… There’s ANOTHER PERSON! He also hasn’t noticed me but this time they’ve got a bloody German shepherd! Terrified, trying to ignore them, I run back towards Ava and slip her into her blue Hunter wellies, and then we sneak back to our bags. Somehow NEITHER of the two people now circling the quarry like oblivious sharks has noticed us! We can’t believe our luck! We cram the camera equipment into our bags, sling them on, and dash out of the quarry. Her sloppy stiletto boots caked to the rims in clay swinging and damp and heavy as we make our escape.

We croutch run as far as we can before the berm that’s protecting us from view gets too small. We then crawl up to the berm, army-style, to peek over the top. after a minute or two of staking out our unwitting pursuers, we decide the clast is as clear as it’s going to get, and we make a break for it, running the rest of the way until we’re back on public land.

A heart-racing end to what was already a heart-racing shoot. Not how I would have imagined this shoot would go when we left the house that morning! 😀

1 review for Agent Sapphire in Quicksand

  1. Stephen Hunter (verified owner)

    Great video of some buttery soft sexy leather boots sinking in amazing mud/quicksand. Well worth it!

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