Red Rebel Studios has a track record of creating excellent custom content for fans. We are quite selective about the content we cover – only the best and most salacious of content is chosen, but the result is always worth it. We proudly boast a 100% rate of glowing feedback, and have worked with most of our clip commissioners more than once.

Custom videos are 15 minutes (-/+ 2), and made available in 1080p, or 4K where available. This can be discussed prior to filming, but most videos are recorded in 4K by default. If you require smaller, mobile, or custom resolution files, this can be arranged.

All additional footage (BTS footage, or anything that does not make the final cut) is free of charge. It may, however, be delivered some time after the final video.

The fee for a custom video is £200 (Great British Pounds). This does not include any additional items you may require, such as props or outfit items. These are either to be provided via Amazon wishlist, PO box, or via a sum to be added to the original invoice.

If Louboutins are selected for video, and additional re-soling fee of £25 is applied for risk of damage to these expensive designer boots.

Red Rebel Studios reserves and assumes the right to publish all custom videos to its web store after. The commissioner reserves no such rights, and may not distribute the video or resulting media without express written permission from Red Rebel Studios.

If you wish for a private video – a custom video which is never made publicly available by Red Rebel Studios, and to which the commissioner reserves the distribution rights, the fee is £500.

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